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Memorial Tribute Videos


A Memorial Tribute Video (DVD) is one way to help families honor their loved one by sharing the memory of their life through photos, personalized text, home video (if available) and meaningful songs. Memorial Tribute Videos can be shown at a funeral or memorial service, shared with family and friends who were unable to attend or to share as a keepsake. Memorial Tribute Videos can also be uploaded to the internet for viewing anywhere in the world. (Sample videos available on the right).  


Many families have a member who is technically capable of creating a video, but if not, Creative Memories (CM) can create one for you.




1. Gather between 75 to 100 photos of your loved one. Depending on the number of pictures, videos can vary in length from 5-15 minutes (100 pictures usually constitute a 8-9 minute video). Arrange delivering the pictures to CM (by appointment, email, etc.). Your pictures will be professionally scanned and returned to you. The digital files will be placed on a CD for your usage.


2. Provide CM with your loved one's name, date of birth, date of passing, and any personal information which could be used as a text or a biography within the video.  


3. Pick a professional background video for the open and close of the video from CM library.

3. Pick 3-4 songs (Artist and Title) which reflect and remind you of your loved one. This could include songs enjoyed at a family event, favorite songs from the radio, or one's which share their style or values. Discuss with CM the availability of your choices. 

A Memorial Tribute Video will be created and transcoded onto three DVDs for you. A personalized label will be placed on the DVDs.

Contact us for specific pricing or to order.

Memorial Tribute Videos

Upload to the Internet

Additional DVDs (3 copies provided)

We are here to help make the memory of your loved one special.  If you have questions, or would like a tribute video, contact us at no obligation.

Sample Memorial Tribute Video

Jake Hooker

Co-auther - 

"I Love Rock n Roll"

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